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Raadix web-app for Root Cause Analysis
1. Subjects
selected subject
Names of investigating team
Set team in definition page
Visible to Public, group or team only
Edit possible or read only
Export to Excel
Export Raadix file
Import Raadix file
2. Add new subject
Click add subject
Keywords for reference
Description of top event or incident
Location of the incident
Date the incident took place
Approximate time the incident took place
General remarks about the incident or investigation
Is the subject visible and accessible to the whole group or
only to the team ? (Team is defined on the definition page)
Is editing possible or is the subject protected
against accidental modifications?
3. Edit subject
Edit subject
Edit all properties
4. Definition
Problem definition
Top event (same as subject)
Summary of incident
Click to edit
Edit all properties
5. Set team members
Investigating team
Set the email address of team members
to make it possible to restrict access
to team members
Click to add a team member
Click to edit the team member
Click to delete the team member
Short term measures
during investigation
Impact assesment
Risk Matrix
Customize with configuration file
6. Notes about the investigation
Title, investigator,
date, source, interview text
Add image, video or document
Add a note
7. Timeline
Failed barrier
Grab blue bar to move
Save as image file (png)
Add new item
Cause Tree
8. Cause tree or fact tree
Top event
Direct cause
Direct cause
Direct cause
Direct cause
Root Cause
Root Cause
STOP (not suited for improvement)
Required (can not be changed)
Further questions
Cause status (fact, likely, hypothesis)
Grab blue bar to move
Remove connection
Click cause text to edit
Cause Tree
Edit cause text
Select cause type
Select cause status
(fact, likely, hypothesis)
Describe why the cause has the selected status
Select gate (and, or)
Cause Tree
Save as image file (png)
Add new cause
Root Causes
9. Roots and measures
(Root) causes from the cause tree
Plan measures...
...and assurance policy
Click to edit
A. Collaboration groups
Click to view groups
Your personal group
Shared collaboration group
(organisation, department)
Look in the Hadrion
Demo group for examples
B. Language: Czech, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian
Click to view languages
Select your language


Raadix helps you to investigate, document and analyze incidents using Root Cause Analysis, PRISMA or comparable methods.

Raadix runs in a modern webbrowser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari) on your smartphone or iPad. However, a large screen of a desktop or laptop is more practical for large trees or timelines.


Define the incident. Store your notes, photo's, video's or documents. Create a timeline. Use the causes from the timeline to create a cause tree or fact tree. Set measures with follow-up dates. Import your Raadix for Windows files. Export your data to Excel. Save timeline and cause tree as an image (PNG).

Work together online. Multiple people can work on the same timeline and view activities of other users in real time.

Personal group

Each user has a personal work area. No one has access to another user's personal work area.

Collaboration groups

In a shared collaboration group, the members of the group can share their incidents. The members can collaborate remotely (video calling). Members who simultaneously look at a timeline or cause tree see in real time what others add or change. Only group members have access (for example: a team, a department or a location).


Raadix.com is build on Google Cloud Services. This tried and tested cloud infrastructure offers state of the art security for the data and the datacenters. All data is encrypted and stored inside the EU (currently in the western part of Germany).


Raadix.com uses the minimum amount of your personal information to safely give you access. NO other personal data is stored. NONE of your data is shared with third parties. All your data remains your own property and/or the property of your organisation.

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